Let’s face it, we all LOVE food. It’s like happiness on a plate! We can be exhausted as can be, but when the smell of delicious food from the kitchen hits our noses, we’re up like we just drank a hot cup of espresso! Whether it’s cooking food or eating it, it’s a one of the main part of our daily lives, though cooking takes it to a deeper level. When one cooks, they share a part of themselves into the pots they stir, the batters they mix, and the new recipes they throw together. This is how I feel whenever I cook for my family and friends. In everything I prepare and cook- whether it’s a simple recipe I happen to come across or a new idea I’m experimenting with, I always put my heart into it. And when I find that all my efforts paid off, and I see the joy in the faces of my loved ones, I get such a thrill out of it!

From the moment I had made my very first successful dinner for my parents years ago I’ve became quite a lover of home cooking. It got to the point where I would get sucked into spending hours, and hours seeking out new yummy cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets to make cooking more fun, interesting, and convenient.

I created this very site not only to feed one of my more fun hobbies but above all, I can share with you the things that I believe would make wonderful gifts for chefs, home cooks, and foodies. Whether it be for family, a spouse, a friend or heck even yourself (Nothing wrong with a little self indulgence!), there’s something for everyone. The following items you’ll find on this site ranges from nifty, convenient, and unique, to fun, pretty, and bizarre.