Automatic Milk Frother for Coffee Lovers

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Automatic Milk Frother for Coffee Lovers

If you enjoy the fancy, creamy cappacino or delicious hot or iced coffees from popular coffee shops, this nifty milk frother, and heater would be a fantastic addition to the kitchen that would help you be able to replicate hot or cold drinks that are usually quite expensive to buy. If there’s anything most people love more than coffee it’s saving money.

The frother features a durable metallic carafe with an easy to hold handle, and a detatchable heating base. It comes with three different function options to either heat milk, create whipped hot froth or cold froth which can be used in many kinds of drinks- not just coffee. This can be used with any kind of milk including non dairy ones.

This gadget would make a wonderful addition to every coffee lover’s kitchen.


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