Compact Multiple Rack Food Dehydrator

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Compact Multiple Rack Food Dehydrator

Have you ever gone to the store and see one of those dried fruit and vegetables snacks or savory meat jerky that would be displayed on the racks? They make such delicious yet convenient snacks. This nifty food dehydrator device can make it possible where you can make your own version of your favorite dried food snacks without all the heavily loaded preservatives that are commonly found in these types of food.

This gadget features a fan that helps dry out food without overheating it. It comes with a digital timer and thermostat so that the food is dried at the perfect temperature. It comes with 9 racks and tools for more drying methods. Fruit, vegetables and meat aren’t the only things that can be dried. It can also be used to dry fresh herbs straight out of the garden.

If you’re all about healthy eating and cooking or simply just enjoy more ways to prepare food and snacks than this would be an ideal add-on to the kitchen.


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