Compact Plastic Bag Holder for the Kitchen

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Compact Plastic Bag Holder for the Kitchen

Have you ever went on a huge shopping trip and came home with not only groceries but a heap of plastic bags? Usually one might store them in drawers or in a cabinet for later use or save for recycling day. However often times than not, this causes quite a lot of clutter in spaces that could of been used for more important household items. If you ever had such an issue than this plastic bag holder would be just the thing to keep everything tidy.

The organizer is made from high quality plastic that’s easy to assemble. It can be mounted either by the suction cups or supports that can be screwed into the wall, both included. It’s big enough to hold over 60 grocery bags with multiple openings to pull the bags from. While this is it’s main feature the organizer is multipurposed and can hold other things besides bags. It comes in two color options to choose from.

While this is something that one wouldn’t normally buy as a gift (I could be wrong though!), it is, however a great addition for someone who is all about keeping their home neat and tidy.


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