Complete Beginner Molecular Gastronomy Kit for Cooking Geeks

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Complete Beginner Molecular Gastronomy Kit for Cooking Geeks

Cooking is a form of art, which is a term that’s known by many people who are passionate cooks and die hard foodies. It takes great effort to put out a wonderful meal. Cooking is also a science that takes a lot of experimenting to create the perfect dish. This molecular gastronomist kit would make an wonderful gift for the cooking lover who want to tap into their inner gastronomist.

This set features a detailed guide book that goes into what Molecular Gastronomy or Modernist Cooking is all about, and the chemistry and physics that goes into flavoring and creating key components to dishes, and drinks that are often found in exclusive, classy restaurants. It also includes tools, and many ingredients to experiment different cooking methods with.

If the gourmet in your life enjoys experimenting with cooking beyond the traditional methods or simply want to get into molecular gastronomy than this starter kit would be the ideal gift for them.


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