Complete Book On How to Season Food Creatively

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Complete Book On How to Season Food Creatively

Cooking meals is more than just simply popping food in the oven or frying them on the stove. It all revolves around the seasonings you put in your prepared meats and vegetables. In fact, a delicious meal starts with the seasonings you use. If you’re a professional chef, a practicing one or one at heart who enjoys discovering ingredients and flavors beyond the basic salt and pepper, then this book on flavors is just for you.

Inspired by various professional chefs, this extensive guide provides information, and tips on how to use ingredients to bring out unique and wonderful flavors out of your food. It contains an index of different ingredients ranging from herbs to nuts. teaches you which of these ingredients pairs well with vegetables and meats. While this is not a recipe book, it is a reference guide for those who enjoys experimenting with their cooking.

Though this book is several years old, it’s still just as useful and necessary today as it was back then. Anyone who wants to take their love of cooking to the next level would love adding this in their cookbook collection.


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