Cooking Is Love Made Edible T-Shirt For Women

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Cooking Is Love Made Edible T-Shirt For Women

Cooking is not always just about getting the right mixture of ingredients in a dish or perfecting that fancy dessert topping. It can also be about expressing love for another person. The design on this lovely t-shirt expresses all that and more.

The shirt comes in a variety of colors, styles and size options to suit anyone’s taste. It’s simple for the most part yet it stands out with the fun logo on the front. The sentimental white text in the shirt is in bold font and is accentuated with the pink “Love” logo in the middle. The pink spaghetti string shaped heart that’s twisted around the fork adds a cute factor to this shirt.

This would make a wonderful gift on any special day to show your love to anyone who shows their love through their cooking.


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