Guide Book on Making Creative Drinks for Cocktail Buffs

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Guide Book on Making Creative Drinks for Cocktail Buffs

A party just isn’t a party without colorful, flavorful drinks to go around. They can be the very thing that makes a party successful, sometimes even more than that of food amazingly. However creating the perfect drink is not as simple as some would believe. There’s an art, and science that goes into the blender, the ice cubes, and the drinking glass. This detailed guide book takes you into what goes into that perfect cocktail that makes everyone go ga-ga over. If you’re a drink enthusiast who’s looking for a guide that will bring your drink making to a whole new level this book is the go to for that.

This drink guide book features a wealth of information revolving around the technique of creating different kinds of drinks and what fruits, spices and herbs to use with them. It also goes into the more advance techniques such as the usage of liquid nitrogen- something that’s only seen in a bar, and done by a professional bartender. Along with all this information the book also comes with recipes for different drinks.

This book is the ideal arsenal for anyone who wants to gain a greater knowledge on mixing drinks or wants to take their next party to a higher level and give their guests an experience they will never forget.


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