International Travel Guide Book for Food Lovers

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International Travel Guide Book for Food Lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for a passionate foodie with a love for adventure, then this travel guide for food lovers would be absolutely perfect for them. It is a book that will surely make them salivate with excitement.

This guide features extensive content on lists of delicious foods to try at least once from various restaurants, and the history of that particular food. It also includes various recipes to make at home. While the book is informative for the it also has attractive pictures in the mix. The food choices are international ranging from dishes that are domestic and familiar to dishes from other countries that might not be familiar to some. It also includes information from restaurants the dishes had come from to help travelers who may visit the countries mentioned inside the book. With such a large book it is surely to be a travel tool that will last a lifetime.

I believe this book would make a great tool to add to any food lover’s bucket list. Their travels will be a lot more fun and memorable. with having a handy resource in their possession. It is a gift that definitely keeps on giving.


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