Protective Onion Googles Gift for Chefs

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Chopping onions isn’t the most fun activity to do in the kitchen. They play an important role in flavoring foods, prettying up a dish, and even for cleaning but their multipurpose comes with a painful problem. They bring about a sea of tears to anyone who prepares anything with them. These handy pair of onion googles are ideal for any cook who are tired of the burning and tears.

The goggles’ lenses are anti fog which prevents fog from steam from building up and blocking the view. The goggles also comes with a sealant foam around it to protect the eyes from the burning onion fumes and other strong vegetables such as peppers, leeks, scallions among many. It comes in various color options to suit anyone wearing them.

I believe this would make a very thoughtful gift to a spouse, family member or a friend. It would be something they would certainly put to good use in their cooking routines.


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