Red Mum’s Kitchen Vintage Wall Clock

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Red Mum’s Kitchen Vintage Wall Clock

Many times the kitchen is the one place in the house that has the greatest impression on anyone who enters. It’s not always about the kind of stove one has, but rather how the kitchen is decorated that makes that impression. If you’re a mom who needs to brighten up your kitchen, this snazzy retro kitchen clock would make a great addition to your decor, and give you credit as a good cook at the same time.

This round clock is made from metal and is designed in a 3D model shaped like a bottle cap. It is colored in a vintage, rusty red that gives off an old 1950 diner vibe. The numbers on the clock are large and gives the clock even more pop. In the middle of the clock are inscriptions that says “Mum’s Kitchen” and quotes that reminds people that mom’s food is always the best in town.

This would make a wonderful surprise birthday present, or mother’s day gift for any woman who always prepares meals with love. It is a gift that would make her feel proud every time she steps into the kitchen.


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