Reusable Bottle Cap Stopper Gift for Wine Lovers

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Fun Wine Stopper Gag Gift for Wine Lovers

When you think of the perfect gift for those who love wine one would naturally think: “Wine of course!” However sometimes laughter is the best gift to give to loved ones. These funny reunable wine stoppers are a great gag gift for anyone’s birthday, housewarming party, or an unexpected stocking stuffer for Christmas.

This accessory features five red silicone wine caps, each with their own unique humorous inscriptions. In the middle of the caps it has the following quote: “Rough Day”, “Sip Happens”, “Wine me up”, and “Liquid Therapy” The caps are durable and easy to wash making able to last a long time. The cap is also tight enough so that the wine doesn’t leak out when stored away.

This is a gag gift that anyone won’t forget while at the same time being a fun, useful tool for their kitchen.


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