Seven Decorative Wall Clocks for Foodies

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Seven Decorative Wall Clocks for FoodiesEveryone loves food, but there are some who ABSOLUTELY adores food and are passionate about it. I’m always intrigued (and hungry) whenever I come across a foodie blog and browse through their content. It’s always fun to learn about the different tastes in food each individual has. Recently I stumbled across an interesting food clock and thought it would make a fun and even humorous gift for Foodies or Foodies at heart. One eventually lead to a good number of finds to where I eventually came up with this very list. These following ten clocks are quite various and unique. Some are very cute, while others will make you salivate. I think they would make a delicious surprise gift for your loved ones.

Black And Yellow Sunny Side Up Clock
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This unique black clock is shaped like a frying pan with numbers bold in yellow. It includes the realistic image of two eggs being fried sunny side up.

Chocolate and Praline Clock
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This square clock features four pretty images of decadent chocolate and pralines. It is certainly a clock that any chocoholic would love to have in their home.

Apple Shaped Wall Clock
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This clock is small and shaped like an apple. The numbers on the clock face is big enough to be easily seen.

Mixer and cupcake clock
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The features on this adorable clock is the shape and image of a green mixer. Hanging off the hand of the clock is a cupcake decoration. This would make a lovely decoration for cafes, and bakeries.

Round Pizza Wall Clock
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This delicious looking round clock features the realistic image of a freshly baked pizza. The white numbers stands out making them easy to see.

Sushi and Plate Square Clock
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The square clock features a realistically colorful images of various sushi. The numbers on the clock face are sleek giving the overall clock a very attractive appearance.

Green Yellow and Red Hot Peppers Round Clock
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The clock face on this particular item is vibrant and adorned with red, yellow and green chili peppers. This is great to add some character to any kitchen.


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