Thick Belgian Waffle Maker Gift for Chefs

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Thick Belgian Waffle Maker Gift for Chefs

If you’re looking for a gift that will brighten any chef’s morning, this neat little Belgian waffle maker will do just the trick!

This waffle maker features a digital timer, and plastic and stainless steel duel rotating griddles plates; each designed to help bake the batter evenly and produce that thick, fluffy, texture in a Belgian waffle that you only see on cooking TV shows or restaurants. The griddle plates also pre-cuts the finished waffle so it would be easy to serve when done. It’s nonstick, making it easy to remove waffles, and clean up after use.

It’s compacted and is great for any space in the kitchen. Despite it’s small size, it produces surprisingly large waffles. Any chef would love to put their own brand of flavors into their waffles using this.


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