Top Seven Decorative Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Top Seven Decorative Salt and Pepper ShakersSalt and Pepper shakers are among if not the most common item in the kitchen and dining room. Almost every household has them so it is probably strange that something so common had made it to the list of different chef gift ideas. I picked out these following seven salt and pepper because each are unique in appearance. Some are glassy and fancy while others are miniture sculptures. What they have in common is that they’re beautiful and elegant. While they can be used just like any other salt and pepper shakers, these products can also be used as decorative pieces in any kitchen that would give any dining table a lot of personality. They would make wonderful housewarming gifts, lovely stocking stuffers during the holidays or gifts for special occasions such as a bridal shower.

Teal salt and pepper shaker
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This glass salt and pepper shaker is simplistic yet has beautiful spiral designs that makes it stand out. It comes in a lovely clear teal color that would fit wonderfully with any dining room set.

Lighthouse Salt And Pepper Shaker Set
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This fun set comes with a glass decorative holder for the shakers. The holder is a unique lighthouse and green landscape figurine. This would make a great table decor for vacation homes or beach themed dining rooms in particular.

Hummingbird Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder Set
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This salt and pepper holder set features a pleasant sculpture of a hummingbird fluttering around a beautiful pink flower. This comes with glass salt and pepper shakers to go with the holder.

Decorative vase shaped seasoning shaker
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This artistic shaker set is shaped in a vase. It is adorned with various flower images that makes it an pleasant aesthetic piece in the kitchen.

Pink Flowers Salt and Pepper Set
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This shaker set is made from porcelain and is beautifully painted and shaped like pink roses. These would make a perfect completion pieces for other table decoration set ups.

Blue and red salt and pepper shakersMore Info

This gorgeous shaker piece is while it looks delicate is quite durable. The painting features various designs from blue and red flowers and butterflies. This can either be used as a seasoning container or a stand alone decoration for the kitchen.

White Swans Salt and Pepper Shaker
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This elegant salt and pepper piece features a figurine of two swans intertwined in a heart shape. This piece would compliment any kitchen or dining room table.


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